July 30, 2014



July 3, 2014
Buying condoms:

July 2, 2014
The reason I got out of customer service:

July 1, 2014
When I realize I am dating a nerd:

June 9, 2014
When I pretend I’m actually interested in a guy to get free drinks


When calling in sick for work

June 8, 2014
When city folk want to go camping they are like:

June 7, 2014
They only picked you because you’re cute:

June 6, 2014
Living with men is like:



June 5, 2014
Spending time with the family:


June 4, 2014
When my mom tries to wipe something off my face:

June 3, 2014
You seem awfully hyper this morning:

June 2, 2014
It must be Monday:

June 1, 2014
College students post graduation:

May 31, 2014
Graduating from college and entering the real world:

May 30, 2014
When I spend hours trying to figure out something and someone just walks up and fixes it:

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